Organically grew Instagram follower base from 0 to 20k subscribers on a $0 budget; developed Instagram post engagement from 0 to 300k with a 10% engagement rate on a platform with a 3 to 6% baseline.
When the lines blur between dreams and reality. Yikes!
This town ain't big enough for the both of us!
Go on, scat!!
Every Class has its clown🤡😂🤡
Queen Rudi, making social media great again!
Look good. Feel good. Do amazing things this workweek! Love, Queen Rudi!
The great outdoors awaits! Be bold. Be kind. And most importantly, be you! 
An elegant yet fashionable outfit for the workplace! Keep walking boys!
What are you looking at huh? Pink mohawks are the new normal so get used to it 😊😇
Finally, the royal treatment I deserve: I gots me pelican float, an endless pool with a bar serving endless Virgin Piña Coladas and ice cream cones, and masseuses at me beck and call 24/7! 😃😁😉Did I die and go heaven cuz it doesn’t get better than this
Come to mama  squirrel! 🐿🐿
You can't beat this spring outfit: a floral skater skirt with a heart-print, denim buttondown. Darn I’m beautiful!
Ho Ho Ho , Santa Paws is coming to town for cookies…I mean to spread joy to all the children of the world of course!🎅🎄🎅
I may be a queen, but at the core I am a small town country girl!
Forget the Tooth Fairy…the Independence Day fairy is here!! I may not have money for you but I will do tricks for treats…and of course be my adorable self at no additional cost! Happy 4th me friends!